Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whole Lotta Stupid on that Corner

In an anonymously sourced quote about Hollywood liking the troops only when they are victims, Jay Nordlinger opines that he is "...reminded of elite elements of Europe — who liked America when it was down and bleeding, right after 9/11, but liked it much less when it stood up and fought."

No, you fucking moron. They sympathized with us immediately after 9/11. Once we stood up and started fighting, especially when we started going after the wrong guys, they began to question our sanity and judgment. They didn't start hating us until they found out the whole thing was justified by a pack of lies and we started tearing up the rights and liberties that made America the exceptional force in the world it was. Even the Europeans believed in American Exceptionalism, until Boy King George demonstrated we were just a scared bunch of kids looking for a Daddy. Mission Accomplished!

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